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Back of the Bike Tours starts with love. Cheesy.. Yes, but still true. Chad and Thuy actually met while working at a restaurant here in Ho Chi Minh City. After his second day in Vietnam, Chad was lucky enough to find the woman he would marry and spend the next 6 years in Vietnam with. Chad and Thuy continued to work together at the restaurant for the next 2 years. During this time, Thuy would show Chad around to some of her favorite local street food vendors in Vietnam. For those of you who do not know, Ms Thuy has an excellent palate and is a connoisseur of local Vietnamese delicacies.


After getting married, Chad and Thuy lived together here in Ho Chi Minh City in extremely local areas in District 5 and District 8. When Chad’s brother came from America to visit, Chad took his brother on the back of the motorbike to eat at some of the best places that Chad and Thuy had found in the city. During a bike trip to Nha Trang, Chad’s brother convinced him that taking tourists around the city to eat street food was the next job for him and was a natural fit since he was a chef. This is how the idea for Back of the Bike Tours was planted.


Through Thuy’s hard work, determination, and excellent ability to provide some of the best hospitality while eating on the street, she was able to slowly build up the reputation of Back of the Bike Tours. Chad helped a little bit too 
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