Thông tin tuyển dụng (Số lượng: 2 người)

Ngành nghề

Môi trường/ Xử lý chất thải QA/QC

Kinh nghiệm

3 - 5 năm

Loại hình công việc

Toàn thời gian cố định

Ngoại ngữ
Tiếng Anh: Trung Cấp
Cấp bậc

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Nơi làm việc

Đồng Nai

Bạn sẽ làm gì ?

- Develop, lead, manage and enforce an ongoing safety and health program to ensure safe and healthy working conditions in the Company.
- Conduct job safety & health studies and analysis; formulate and recommend safety policies and procedures to reduce or eliminate incidents, safety and health hazards and damage to life and property.
- Assist in reviewing all renovations and re-engineering projects to ensure compliance with safety and health standards and methods.
- Consult with departments on design, use and maintenance of personal protection equipment.
- Provide information, signs, posters, barriers and other materials to warn of potential and actual safety hazards and to prevent access to hazardous areas.
- Participate in or lead safety auditing of facilities to detect existing or potential fire, safety and health hazards; initiate corrective and preventive measures when required; and follow-up to ensure measures have been implemented.
- Participate in or lead incident investigations; prepare materials and evidence for Company use in lawsuits and insurance investigations.
- Compile and submit accident reports required by the Company and regulatory agencies.
- Develop and deliver continuous safety training to increase proficiency in safe practice and promote fire and safety consciousness in association with employee health.
- Maintain safety files and records
- Support to determine fiscal requirements and prepare budgetary recommendations; monitor, verify and reconcile expenditure of budgeted funds.
- Ensure that the company is aware of and complies with all safety and health legislation in relation to the use of its plant, equipment and substances, as well as in all workplace activities.

Bạn cần có gì ?

- Graduated from University/College degree.
- Familiar with ISO 9001/ISO 14001.
- Computer: Office tools.
- 3 years working experience as same position.
- Female preference.
- English: can communicate well in English.
- Candidate with background from Electronic environment is preferred.

Tại sao bạn nên chọn chúng tôi ?

- Social insurance, accident insurance.
- Travel, 13nd month salary, annual raise evaluation.
- Professional Environment.
- Follow company's regulations, Miscellaneous allowance, Education support, Medical.
- Regular hours, Mondays-Fridays.

Chế độ lương thưởng:

Thưởng tháng lương tháng 13

Phúc lợi xã hội:

Bảo hiểm theo quy định Du lịch hàng năm Khám sức khoẻ định kỳ

Môi trường làm việc:

Chuyên nghiệp Thân thiện Sạch sẽ - An toàn

Cơ hội thăng tiến:

Phó phòng

Đào tạo định hướng:

Đào tạo hội nhập

Phụ cấp:

Ăn trưa

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

- Application.
- Notarized copy of Identified card.
- CV.
- Notarized copy Family book.
- Health certification.
- Lodgment paper.
- Picture (2 pics 3x4).
- Education Degree.

Ứng tuyển ngay

Liên hệ

công ty TNHH friwo VN

Lô 240, đường số 12, KCN Amata, Biên Hòa - Đồng Nai
Người liên hệ: Ms Helen

The FRIWO Equipment Manufacturing GmbH is a German Company, which was founded in 1971 in Ostbevern, Germany. The brand identity is linked to the development of the world's first plugin power supply in the same year and to the subsequent breakthrough of this technology. 
Today the FRIWO brand stands worldwide for high quality power supply and charging equipment. FRIWO develops, manufactures and markets power supply and charging devices that are designed to meet the very wide range of technical and country specific requirements. In addition to this FRIWO assists as an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) for various exclusive companies, hereunder German car manufactures. 
Friwo Vietnam has been set up in Jun 2015 and 03 branches located at Amata industrial zone. We are looking for the first key members of Friwo Vietnam. 

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